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Starting to post!!!
Starting to post!!!

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PostSubject: Quarantine HOW TO WIN EVERY TIME   Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:39 pm

Hi guys,

not sure whether this is the right place to post this but i can't find any place more suitable. Saw this post on how to win in quarantine in nexon forum. What do u all think? Sounds feasible but everyone must work together and cooperate, as for the 2 infected zombies, too bad then.. Maybe we could use this strategy for those ppl wanting to lvl up or gain gp faster?

Ok I have played about quarantine mode about 200 times and seen many strategies. I am really dissapointed in the team work and how people have been playing. This mode is so EASY to Win. Please follow my guide and learn. First I am going to explain to you what people have been doing then I will explain to you what you should be doing.

1st off I noticed that everyone sees a zombie and runs there are only 2 infectors with 600-750 health when round starts. There are 14 of you and you have a huge advantage your bullets push them back they have to get in arms length to infect you. So dont run from them Team them (group up on them) shoot them into a corner and dont let up till they die.

hers some reasons why you die while fighting them.

1 your team mates run for safe zones (I call them nests Cause its like hiding in a tree) Instead of backing you up when you have 1 pinned

2 Your weapons As sul t Rifles are like BB guns to an infector and you 30-55 round clips will get you killed while reloading you need machine gunz with 100-200 round clips two perferably 3 if you have advanced back packs dont tap your fire button hold it down and pin them in the corner hopfully your team mates arent clueless and help you.

Alotta people debate reason 2 and say you will need to reload eventually this true so you back up while still shooting when your clip gets to around 50 then hotswap to your other mg and pin him in corner again if your team is helping you it wont live another 50 rounds. 14 players with 100-200 round magazines =1400+ rounds fired per reload ammo does 1-4 damage per hit.

3 Theres always some noob trying to get infected example when the round starts they stand right next to each other on purpose and try to spread the infection these people need voted cause its same thing as team killing.

4 Theres always some idiot that trys to knife the zombie you have pinned in the corner 9/10 times he gets infected escapes the crossfire and infects entire team. Vote these people to for being that stupid.

5. If you have a Mg sqaud and pin a Infector theres still 1 running around and he can hear your gun fire if 3 people have the thing pinned dont get greedy for kill watch there back pin the add. If everyone runs to the nest and your mg sqaud of 3 is out there the cowards in the nest are letting you get teamed cause they are running and hiding instead of supressing the other infector . So while your doing you Job they are letting the other infector team you.

6. If they dont wanna fight before the infection spreads Vote em cause they are the ones getting hit in back while running and spreading the infection. its 14vs2 infectors are weak to mg's remeber 1400+ bullets expelled before 1 reload(thats 14 people x100-200 round clips).

Ok heres some tips.

Dont use flashbangs or smoke you just blind your allies.

Dont use rifles or shotguns reload will get you killed.

You should use fire nades BUT ONLY WHEN IT IS PINNED IN A CORNER. If ya throw the fire nade to soon you give the zombie cover to escape your crossfire dont use unless it is pinned.

Watch out for pro infectors They will zig and zag ya duck and dodge corners use thier enviroment to kill ya be cautious.

Dont under any circumstanses run and hide in a safe zone you always fight Dont fear them you have the advantage they just have but loads of hp.

When round starts find 2 guys and make a triangle stay away from each other infector pops if its one of them pin em if not then run towards the other gunfire and help the rest of the room kill. but be cautious remeber there are 2 and if one is pinned the other is hunting. But believe me the noob isnt expecting you to be hunting him.

Once you have a zombie pinned and are beating the DooDoo outa him please feal free to laugh at his obsinity that he posts. Somtimes they get so mad they actually leave the game lol.

If its just you and him The rest of the players can hear your gun fire and backups on the way remeber to backup before hotswaping your weapon for reload they can jump about 20 feet.

If everything goes well Humans Win in first 45 SECONDS of the round EVERY TIME and at end of round 9 You will recieve 300 xp 400gp.

This tutorial wrote by me Smile

My clan and me have slain about 100 Infectors using this method its tested and proven. GL on the battle field guys Be Brave dont cower in the nest like a noob get a gun and Fight!
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Starting to post!!!
Starting to post!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Quarantine HOW TO WIN EVERY TIME   Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:12 am

qurantine mode???
worst mode of CA, nuff said
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SSG-Sga Spamming Group
SSG-Sga Spamming Group

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PostSubject: Re: Quarantine HOW TO WIN EVERY TIME   Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:48 am

haha ... whether u win or not depends on how good your team is and also partially how pro the zombies are ...
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PostSubject: Re: Quarantine HOW TO WIN EVERY TIME   

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