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 Guides to help the newbies (also In-sight on how to use a Sniper)

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off Topic Wanker

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PostSubject: Guides to help the newbies (also In-sight on how to use a Sniper)   Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:08 pm

SKrawks Guide for Newcomers of Combat Arms or players who are fed up of getting being pwned.

This is to answer immortal question, making this thread because just now when replying a thread, i accidentally make the post look like a guide so i will post it here to share with you guys, feedback would be good since this guide is how i play and if i get feed back i can improve my way of play >.<

- Update - How to use a sniper correctly on near range

Yeah some people may say, put a dot on the middle of the screen, sure can aim de, yes it does really work, but wont it be too troublesome to put a small black sticker on your computer screen, and when you not playing you still need to peel it off

My Secret - I know some of you may know it already but since this guide is to help newbies, i will take some extra effort to mentioned it here. You know, when you aim on people with a sniper without scope, the opponent name will come out, when it come out, this mean the sniper is targeted onto the opponent. so when your using sniper with no scope look for the opponent name to come out when it come out immediately shoot. This works for me for short range, didn't have any success for long range though, if you know pls reply here, i think emnesty also dunnoe but saw him do some in his video, maybe is luck only....

Firstly, when going to a match, you wouldn't want to use a noob M16A3 to play right so choose your gun properly in the shop first

-Assault riffles
Ak 47 or sg550. G36E would be good for newcomers, it is easy to use it but if you want to become pro, then don't use it this is what i heard from some pros in game, i dunnoe anything about it ahh, i just using their words as they are pros and put it here only...

Some examples
-Ak47 good damage high recoil, dunnoe how to use it? then dun use because the recoil will hurt your aiming a lot
-G36E good balance in everything. Should be first try, you will know how to use it
-SG550 not that good damage but recoil is stable meaning your aiming would not go up and up and up.

-Sniper Riffle

L96A1 would be a good one, one hit kill, don't put silencer because when you shoot a guy with heavy vest, it wont be one shot kill sometimes
SR25 , aiming suck? Try this, mistake make, easy to amend, though it is 2 shot kill, you miss 1 can quickly aim and shoot again unlike L96A1 shoot liao very slow recharge back

-Sub-Machine guns
UMP for high damage
pp-19 for spray and pray

Other weapons i won't really go through, Sub Machine guns i only wrote based on their stats, i don't really know much about sub machine guns since i suck at it because its spray and pray other than that, other weapon i rarely use them so cant write a guide on those, sorry

Secondly Gears to help you improve on your gameplay

-Helmet that protects head shot much
-Mask that protect from gas
-Heavy vest for more bullet protection
-Uniform depend on which map you playing, arctic camo for snow valley, urban camo for death room...
-Backpack depends on you, i don't usually need much gun or grenades for my type of playing so i use the standard backpack. If you are one that love to stack nades in your pocket go for the big backpack or what it is called that can put more than 1 extra thing inside your bag.

Match mode to train
For me, i trained on fireteam mode when i was new to to combat arms and slowly when you can pwn in fireteam, like 60kill per game on extreme (the best i got was 103 or more, you can try and beat me if you want, this one is on extreme hor not normal) then go try out elimination, train you prediction and aiming on player, try out different map, and when you can get your Kill more then death consistently on Elimination. Go on to Elimination PRO, you will be surprised when you play that mode because you will be getting a lot of kills, try not to rush in Elim Pro but get more kill, like hide and kill or backstab because this is the mode that depend on you yourself and not other people to help your team to victory, like a real soldier la, die is die no more re-spawn le until the next round...

Gameplay on different maps for elimination mode

Death room - Spray like Mad but aiming must be very accurate, snipe people when door open.
Snow valley - Great for training sniper skill, camp at hill or tower and snipe people
PowerSurge - Snipe from base or rush with assault riffle
Junk Flea - Want Kdr to be high? Snipe at 2nd floor of your base, work for me, dunnoe if it work for you? Of coz your aiming must be very good la, if aiming suck then you go there is people kill you not you kill people...

My Gameplay on different maps are limited since i only play much on this 4 maps with death room being played a lot

My GamePlay

-AK47 or SG550 with L96A1 (no silencer for every gun i use)
I put an assault riffle with a sniper so that when at far i saw a target i can just change to sniper and one hit kill from far range rather than using assault riffle keep tapping as the range is far and u wouldn't want it to recoil so much

-Helmet that protects headshot much
-Mask that protect from gas
-Heavy vest for more bullet protection
-Standard backpack since i do not stack a lot of gun or nades

Game Match usually played
-Death Room
-Elimination Pro
-No Explosives

This is how i play in combat Arms... But i hope it help you, because it help me reached a high kdr >.< And also if you want to be Pro in combat arms, i suggest you to practice and practice everyday >.<


Skrawks for writing this guide

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PostSubject: Re: Guides to help the newbies (also In-sight on how to use a Sniper)   Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:55 pm



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Starting to post!!!
Starting to post!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Guides to help the newbies (also In-sight on how to use a Sniper)   Tue Dec 08, 2009 2:12 am

Nice, here's a great Tutorial on Sniping.

It covers the essentials to using quick scope, drag shot and wait shot.
No scope is only when you are near. Take note of the direction your moving (Strafe), and the direction your turning when attempting to no scope. Also note that the first no scope shot is always more accurate and tends to go top-right.

I disagree with SG550. True it has great accuracy, true it has low recoil, and yes it sounds like a beast. However, it lacks damage, has bad spread, and low portability. It's impossible to bunny hop with, and firing while strafing greatly decreases it's aim. Overall, it's hardly comparable to G36E which functions in the same way more proficiently. SG550 is a pro weapon, and hardly noob-friendly. To use it effectively, a calm mind is needed and very accurate, controlled bursts are a must.

I recommend M4A1/M416 or G36E/AK47.
Tap your shots on the G36/AK, as recoil kicks in within 2-3 shots if you hold it down. G36E scope can instantly reset spread and recoil for Crutch. What is Crutch? It's when a moving player suddenly stops and fires. By stopping, you become more accurate, and because it's sudden it throws off the enemies aim when he anticipates your movement. The G36E scope is exactly why so many people use it.

Do not silence your weapons. Silencers are nerfed to 10% damage reduction instead of the old 3.5-5%.
Use extend mags, either are fine.

Gear should always be speed. The protection you get from heavy vest only allows you to take an extra shot, and it would not save you from a Head Shot. Speed enables you to ambush effectively, retreat swiftly, and throw enemy aim off. Getting hit less is far better than being able to take the hits. Also NEVER EVER buy Balanced Vest, they are completely USELESS AND LOUSY. Heavy Vest is much better and cost effective.

For helmets, 30% HS protection is required to see any effect. Although Speed > Protection.

I also disagree with the match mode to train. Fire team is possibly the worst way to train your skill in CA. Reason being the NPCs all have the same predictable movement. Players would sprint, change directions erratically, bunny hop, quick switch, and strafe in order to avoid getting focus fired on. Practicing on bots would not improve your skill by much, at most it'll help you get used to your weapon (spread, accuracy, recoil). But it would not help your knowledge of the map, prediction of movement, or improve your reaction.

Map knowledge is 1 key to skill. Knowing the routes, camp spots, and sniping positions is the first step to pro-kingdom. I suggest you host a 1v1 elimination with a friend in a locked room to properly get a feel for the map. Preferably get a friend who knows the map well so he can show you around.

Reaction is the next step. Practicing in a small map would greatly increase your reaction as you are constantly tested. OMA is viable, but includes a lot of luck factors.

Quarantine Mode can actually increase your skill. Not your shooting skills, but your mobility around the map, sprinting/jumping/switching techniques, and map knowledge. You need significantly more skill to outrun/lose a zombie that has twice your speed and sprint stamina. This is most viable in Two Towers. Mobility skills compliment reaction timing to level you up!

Adjust your mouse sensitivity to a comfortable one. Low sensitivity is good for aim, high is good for response.

Any questions, feel free to ask.
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CSM-Company Spamming Member

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PostSubject: Re: Guides to help the newbies (also In-sight on how to use a Sniper)   Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:11 pm

Venustas and SKRawks so pro jocolor

Okay I shall be a ** and summarise what they both said and call this my own guide

Sklpper's Guide

Not a risk-taker

For people who like to camp at one corner and use assault rifle to shoot people down,
Use M4A1/HK416

Reason being both have relatively low recoil and the recoil pattern is pretty much straight up. These weapons are also good for headshots. Start shooting from the enemy's private parts, and u will end up hitting the head (need practice). This may earn u many haters but then haters make pwning worthwhile right?


For people who believe in aiming for kills rather than spraying,
Use G36, AK47, M14. (left being easiest to use, right requiring a lot of practice to master, middle also)

G36, as u all know has almost no recoil when tapfired + its super power scope makes it No. 1 Favourite amongst many CA players.

AK47 has super high damage but high recoil. This gun will teach you the true meaning of aiming well.

M14. AHA. This weapon is friggin difficult to use in my opinion as it has a low rate of fire and not so many bullets in 1 magazine. But on the plus side, it gives the most damage of all Assault Rifles. It requires really really good aim as you must take your enemy down before he realises he's a target because of the low rate of fire. There is very little chance of going 1 on 1 against a UMP and coming out alive.

Stealthy Hitman

Basically this means people who like to kill the enemies quickly and brutally.
People of this class usually use SMG or Sniper Rifles.

PP19, Largest magazine of all SMGs, containing 65 bullets. According to Mr Wee, this gun is used like a joss-stick, (if you all get what he means) just go to some small map infested with people. 8v8 Junk Flea or 8v8 Deathroom and start spraying. Effective for Elimination Games.

MP7, available at CSM3. High rate of fire, nice sound, good damage(slightly lower than PP19). Great for instances where killing speed is of utmost importance.

or you could go with the UMP. I've seen people do well with it but I'm not really a fan, due to its low rate of fire.

Sniper Rifles
L96 (aim slightly to your right as the bullet goes left when u shoot it)
MSG90, this gun is great for taking out multiple enemies quickly and also for headshots due to high accuracy.
Cheytac M200, this monster is available at CSM5, has high magnification but the telescopic sight is somewhat like the Dragunov. Great gun for waitshots. Need patience.
M107, if you can get it. Double Scope, reasonably high accuracy. But this is a camper's sniper rifle. 1 hit kill most of the time. On large maps like Kill Creek, maybe 2. I've tanked an M107 shot with 53 hp left. Bs huh? but I guess I was lucky.

After choosing your gun..

As for maps, if you're a newbie, (which shouldn't be the case since you're in SGA)
Play in elimination matches. Don't play quarantine its so lame and boring and it encourages u to camp at places where you can be easily shot in a normal match.
The best thing to do is to do the real thing, which is to get a gun and dive into a game and you will slowly learn the basics of the map.

Snow Valley for sniping, junk flea for training your reflexes, Kill Creek to test your patience, Grave Digger Elimination Pro to test your Command and Control ability, see how well u think under pressure and if you can lead your team to victory. Remember, a team is only as strong as its members.

As for Gear, it really is preference.
Some like Speed Gear, some like wearing 6 inches of thick armour. If you the kind of guy who's scared to die, then go buy a Heavy Vest. However, I give u warning, don't bother buying helmets to protect from headshot. It only protects your head from pistol bullets. Very rarely u tank a shot to your head.

If you want to level up quick come do Fire Team with us wahaha. But it gets boring after a while :l

Actually u all shouldn't take what I say seriously la. My kdr from .49 go 1.01 then now to 1.00 and probably going down to .49 again. So sad Sad

Practice makes perfect la. I make this review thingy also only because I was bored. I hate Server Maintenance!

Long live Alesana and Taylor Swift. Oh yeh, go download Skype!
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PostSubject: Re: Guides to help the newbies (also In-sight on how to use a Sniper)   Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:45 pm

nice one buddy.. i like the l9 part.. haha yeah for g36....i agree..the best way to kill is tap ure mouse.. and its like no recoil.. its awesome gun.

i still learning how to master l9 and shotty! hahah shotty vs noob i is pro.. but vs those ppl frm b.e.b...stygma arisen... i jialat..


.:: Revenge is profitable, gratitude is expensive. ::.
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SSG-Sga Spamming Group

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PostSubject: Re: Guides to help the newbies (also In-sight on how to use a Sniper)   Sat Jun 12, 2010 12:33 am

i heard ah, when you use l96a1, if you want no scope, as long as you aim at a person, if you shoot and at the same time you are in mid-air, will your shot kill that person?

Anyway, is putting a cross on your computer monitor a good idea for no scoping? Surprised
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CSM-Company Spamming Member

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PostSubject: Re: Guides to help the newbies (also In-sight on how to use a Sniper)   Sat Jun 12, 2010 12:54 am

Never try before haha. I think tmrw I go try with some SGA dudes. (the no scope in air thing)

And yeah the dot in the middle where the crosshair is is good for no scoping and also for shooting a rifle without scoping in. Ah, and plus the L96 u must aim at around the enemy's left hand ah, remember.


Spain > all.
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PostSubject: Re: Guides to help the newbies (also In-sight on how to use a Sniper)   

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Guides to help the newbies (also In-sight on how to use a Sniper)
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