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 How to spot a HACKER ?

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PostSubject: How to spot a HACKER ?   Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:31 pm



What is a hacker? A hacker is a player using any sort of illegal program to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Some hacks have very obvious effects (walking through walls, flying characters), others are more subtle and can be harder to identify. Here are a few things to look out for when catching a hacker.

• Strange Movements: Some hacks are obvious. If you see a flying character or someone walking through walls, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on. Many times though, hacker programs are “dialed down” to merely give an advantage. Watch people move and if they’re consistently moving faster than you, they may be using a “speed hack.”

• Impossible Shots: It’s always possible to for a player to know a map well enough to know where their opponents may hide and beat them to it. Sometimes though, a player may be using a hack to see where all players are on a map. If your opponent always seems to find you even when out of sight, if your opponent pre-fires at you before you come around a corner or if you are shot by the same opponent regardless of which direction you take or as soon as you break cover, the person may be using a "wall hack."

• Jerky movements: If a character is “popping” while shooting, they may be using an aimbot that automatically targets another player.

• Strange death patterns: It’s not unusual for players to get long strings of kills, when one player gets long strings of kills consistently or their kill/death ratio is absurdly high or when a lot of players die all at the same time, you may be dealing with a hacker.

• No obvious killer: It’s not unusual to get killed by a sniper in Combat Arms, but if you’re in an enclosed space and you die with no obvious killer, you may be getting hit by a hacker.

An important part of observation is thinking. False accusations of hacking are detrimental to the enjoyment of the game. Just because someone is better than you, doesn’t automatically make them a hacker. Watch and observe and kick a player if you must, but when you’re sure that you’re dealing with a hacker, move to the second part of hacker patrol: reporting


When you need to report a player, do so. Keep in mind, however, that the more evidence you can provide, the more information our GMs have to work with and the more actions we can take. Players can be reported using the in-game player reporting function on the upper right control panel in the lobby interface. Always submit as much evidence as you can acquire. Screenshots and game films are especially valuable. Here are some tips on collecting quality evidence.

Basic Tips

1. Use the "Print Screen" key to take Screenshots – Combat Arms has a screenshot function built right into it. Whenever you press Print Screen, Combat Arms takes a screenshot and sends it to the C:\Nexon\Combat Arms folder. The advantage of using this function is that it adds a timestamp to the bottom of the screenshot. This is very useful when we review your evidence as we automatically discard any evidence that seems to be tampered with or forged.

2. Make sure the name is legible – Whether submitting screenshots or video, make sure we can read the name of the player in your evidence. If we can’t read the name we can't accept the evidence.

3. Submit evidence as soon as possible – The sooner evidence is submitted, the more relevant it will be.

4. Collect as much evidence as possible – Think of it as if you are building a legal case. One screenshot may not say a lot, but a series of screenshots makes a much stronger statement. It’s a good idea to submit two or three screenshots or videos when submitting an Abuse Report.

5. Collect Irrefutable Evidence – Do your best to collect evidence that is absolutely unmistakable. Your evidence should clearly depict the allegation. Of course, some misconduct is easier to gather evidence for than others. Collect multiple screenshots when dealing with difficult situations. This will give us a better idea of what exactly is going on.

Video Tips

1. Record Your Video in Highest Quality Possible – Whenever collecting video evidence, try to record your videos in the highest quality that your computer can handle. If you are using FRAPS™️, make sure you change the quality to at least 30 fps. In order for us to accept video evidence, the clip has to be clear enough for us to be able to read the player’s name.

2. Upload Your Videos to YouTube™️ – There are several websites that you can upload your videos, but YouTube™️ is the most practical to use when reviewing evidence.

3. Get a Good Camera Angle – Take advantage of digital media. Video is far more useful than screenshots. With video it is much easier to catch players in the act. Try to make sure the player in question is visible in the video. Spectator Mode will give you a very useful third person view.

4. Keep Your Video Recording Program Running – If you are unsure to whether or not you have collected enough evidence on a player, just keep your video recording program running. You never know when a cheater is going to give themself away.

And the final tip for helping us catch cheaters – don’t expect miracles when you submit your evidence. Just reporting someone doesn’t mean that they’re going to be automatically banned. We make take action against a single individual. We may track them to gather more evidence against a group of cheaters or we may use your evidence with other submissions to formulate new strategies to fight hackers. Rest assured however, that every submission is reviewed with an eye on figuring out how best to use it to keep Combat Arms clean, hacker free and fun for all.

See you on the battlefield, soldier!

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Combat Arms Command

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How to spot a HACKER ?
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