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PostSubject: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING   Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:41 am

This thread is created for only one purpose.

To vote off any members from the clan Singaporean Army.

It also means any unecessary threads will be deleted for example:
"why vote me off!? i dont hack , its just something personal"
"you be careful when i see you outside"
(doesn't scare me btw, i'll be more than happy to meet up =D )

"ya vote for him, he is a motherfarking hacker"

Voting will be done by admins and members with reasons for voting the players off.

for example. if you wanna make a stand with the votee for the blacklisted player, please dont start cursing and swearing,

but simply put your prove of what you think he is doing, for example hacking, or verbal insults etc.

though it will NOT be completely used, but elements that are proven true will be used against the blacklisted player.

We do this to maintain stability in the clan as well as discipline, because we all are old enough to think.

Any grudges or conflicts come directly to me. that's what the PM button is for =D

we hope to have your understandings and have fun with us Singaporean Army in CA. thanks


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