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 Patch Notes !!! ( i luv it!)

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SSG-Sga Spamming Group

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PostSubject: Patch Notes !!! ( i luv it!)   Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:41 pm

Operation: Dredge

On 8/25, you'll sink into the dank sewer system on Dredge, the newest map in Combat Arms. Central Command is providing new weapons and new gear, but it will take more than raining bullets to stay alive will take some serious guts. Good luck, brave soldiers of Combat Arms...we hope you have what it takes.

New Map


Terrorists are plotting to blow up the city by setting up an elaborate system of bombs in the city's sewer system. Just as the terrorists are about to execute their plan, they are discovered and the army is brought in.

New NX Items:

Tracker Knife

F2000, available exclusively in the Supply Crate MYST-N

New GP Item:

FS2000 , available at Command Sergeant Major I

New Video Recording Feature:

Step 1 – Set your video capture settings

Step 2 – Choose a video recording format

Step 3 – Begin recording by pressing the Page Down key (or whichever key you set recording to)

Step 4 – Stop recording by pressing the Page Down key again.

Step 5 – Review your video. You will find it in your Combat Arms folder.

Click here for more details about the Video Recording Feature

New YouTube Uploading Feature:

*Note -- You will require a YouTube account in order to upload videos to YouTube. If you do not already have an account, click here to create one.

Step 1 – Enter your YouTube ID and Password

Step 2 – Select the file you wish to upload to YouTube

Step 3 – Enter the title you would like for your video

Step 4 – Enter a description for your video

Step 5 – Add tags to so that others can search for your video. The more related tags you have, the easier it is for people to view your video.

Step 6 – Click upload. Your video will automatically upload to YouTube!

Click here to read more about the YouTube Uploading Feature

Other Game Changes and Updates

Other Changes:

• Vivox Voice Chat is now disabled by default. You can turn it on by pressing F8 while in game.
• New login splash screen!
• The player initiating a Vote Kick now has his name displayed during voting.
• KDR / HP Vision now active during Kill Cam-- Information displayed for player being spectated

Bug Fixes:

• Opening the Options screen will no longer reduce the Gamma, Mouse Sensitivity and SFX Volume settings.
• KDR / HP Vision now displays HP when using sniper weapons

Features added in the HUD Renewal:

• Radar offers zoom-in \ zoom-out controls.
• No-HUD - Press the Page Up key to hide the HUD!
• Backpack displays ammo count for weapons not in use.
• Quarantine Regen: Scoreboard updated to tally gameplay as Human and Infection independently of eachother.
• Improvements to Killcam Information Window - Weapon Used to Kill displayed etc.
• Display style for the level Maps have been changed to improve usability.
• One Man Army: Leading player’s kill total is now displayed.
• Airstrikes and Sat Scanners now display the remaining time until they can be used again.

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CSM-Company Spamming Member

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PostSubject: Re: Patch Notes !!! ( i luv it!)   Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:05 pm

The new map sucks.
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Patch Notes !!! ( i luv it!)
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