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 About the resignation room

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About the resignation room Empty
PostSubject: About the resignation room   About the resignation room I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 09, 2009 8:35 pm

I have created this extra cact so that those who wanna resign from SGA can just throw a thread or post or reply here,
with the following format

rank in clan(etc member or admin)
Reason for leaving.
(Edited, its also for people who see things inside not happy they leave)

Of course we won't stop you from leaving (why will we?) because the choice is made, neither will we persuade you to stay.
because if your mind is made up.
there isnt anything we can do to change it, and besides,
im sure you all have the reason to do what you did.

this is also to clear up any misunderstandings between admins for asking who kicked who in the clan and stuff,
because if we admins kick anyone,
we would post it in forums. it is only after voting in forums that counts.
otherwise, the player could maybe be banned or left himself.

thank you have a nice day =)
About the resignation room 2hmmzhg

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About the resignation room
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