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 Teamviewer Briefing

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PostSubject: Teamviewer Briefing   Teamviewer Briefing I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 17, 2009 3:51 pm

For the safetly of our clan's reputation, Syed introduced Teamviewer.

what the fark is teamviewer? some of you may ask

its simple.

basically its a program. which is FREE . i repeat. FFSF For Fark Sake Free program you can download at

install it.
it wont take up much of the space and it wont lag you.

teamviwer allows the remote access via internet by another user. simply means,
if i teamview you.

i see your desktop. i control your mouse. i can open all your files and stuff. i can see what you are doing.

you are able to move the mouse cursor YOURSELF even if im teamviewing you. this is for privacy sake.

at anytime you wanna end it, simply go to the bottom right hand corner of the screen and drag up the teamview bubble. it is NOT located at your taskbar but rather above it.
from there, click on the large " X " button and than you will DC straightaway from the other user.

this is just a brief intro.

so. what we admins are gonna do tonight at 17 oct. 2000 hours onwards is this. we will do a tryout with those whom we suspect of hacking.
one of the admins will be teamviewing you starting up CA. weather or not you inject any hack files or stuff, and also we will open ONLY your CA folder. and nothing else.

we are not allowed to open your personal files and folders. only files are limited to us is the Combat arms folder and a folder that hacks are usually found =).

EXCEPT FOR THE LEADER SUPERSYED HIMSELF. i just got last min info from him XD

than we will watch the whole process of you starting up CA. and when the hackshield is loading., we will disconnect from teamviewer, and meet you inside.

for any delay. it probably means you relogged out and inject yuor hacks or sometihng like that.
these things are possible .

Either that, or we wil lteamview your entire playing process or tryout process. of course, we admins will disable our mouse when you are ingame so as not to let the slightest motion disrupt your aiming.

All admins must be on skype during teamviewing tryouts.
for convenient reasons.


Teamviewer Briefing Untitled-1

basically you open up teamviwer and it gives you that window.
for members going for tryout, take note of your ID number at the teamviewer and your Password.

you are to give us admins those ID and passwords so we can access your com remotely.
nothing more nothing less.
the right column has got nothing to do with you if you are not teamviewing anyone,
please give accurate password and ID by forum chat box located at the Forum main page, all the way to the bottom.
or if syed is teamviewing, text him your pw and id.,

im sure you guys has his number.

that is all. have a nice day

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Getting there...
Getting there...

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PostSubject: Re: Teamviewer Briefing   Teamviewer Briefing I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 17, 2009 4:42 pm

Fate do u have Parkison's disease ? ? ? Lines crooked one ... -.-ll
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Teamviewer Briefing
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