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 Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations   Rules & Regulations I_icon_minitimeFri May 07, 2010 3:25 pm

Dear Members of Team SG,

Welcome to TeamSG Forum.

TeamSG Forum is created solely for gamers from all walks of life to share their knowledge and experiences whist playing our favourite game - Combat Arms.

We seek your help and understanding to keep this forum fun and harmonious, tidy and neat.

Please go through the Rules thoroughly and ensure that you follow accordingly to the right side of the Rules.

We hope you enjoy yourself and that you may build relationships and gain positive experience during your stay in TeamSG Forum.

The TeamSG Management Team


1. Language

The default language is English and there is no restrictions. We welcome ANYONE from ANYWHERE! However, please be reminded that you may not receive replies if there aren’t members that understand your postings in a foreign language.

Members are free to begin any Forum threads, be it related to gaming or not. However, please be reminded to post in the relevant Forum Topics.

  • Pornography in any form will not be tolerated and is strictly disallowed.

  • Members are advised not to use caps locked as it’ll look like you are SHOUTING at other forum members

  • No Profanity/Vulgarities and Flamming. Posts with issues related to Politics, Religion and Race are also disallowed. Everyone should be treated with respect. The consequence, of posts targeted abusively at other fellow TeamSG members or posts disrupting the peace within TeamSG forum, is a direct ban.

  • Suggestions, differences of opinion, and humour are always welcomed and appreciated, but flamming at any time will not be tolerated and warrants a warning or ban depending on severity. Any such cases should be reported immediately and be left to the Management Team to dealt with.

  • DO NOT flood the forum.

  • NO PENDING THREADS. Post only when you have real content/comments/questions. Do not start a thread without being clear what the thread is meant for.

  • NO Advertisements & promoting of businesses/ products and services are allowed in your postings. If you have the intention of being a partner to TeamSG forum, please contact the Management team directly. If you also wish to place or market your products or services on the forum, please contact our staff or admin by using PM or E-mail. Please note that advertising of businesses/products/websites through PMs are also forbidden.

  • Members of TeamSG are to be warned that illegal gaming activities are not condoned in this forum, such topics will be removed and a warning will be issued.

  • In the instance of an illegal or unlawful post, please note that the Management Team has made every effort to prevent such occurrences and therefore cannot in any way be made liable for such articles or posts made by the members of TeamSG.

  • Any members noticing a breach of rules in the posts should report to the Moderators immediately.

3. Authority

The TeamSG Management Team is here to ensure the forum remains a cohesive and healthy cyber space for gamers to build relationships and share experiences.

The Management Team at all times will determine the direction of TeamSG forum and will act positively for TeamSG and its members.

The TeamSG Management Team should be treated with respect and should not have their authority challenged.

Should there be any assistance needed in the Forum, members are welcome to contact any of the Management Team.

Any personal disputes between members should be communicated through PMs. Such disputes should not be publicized freely in the open threads. If the issue cannot be resolved and requires the Management Team’s intervention, the involved parties may request for assistance or arbitration. Should the Management Team step in, all decisions made by the Management Team on any dispute will be final.

For any issues regarding any individual of the Management Team, be it compliment or complaint, members should PM the other members of the Management Team and the matter will be attended to.

The Management Team reserves the right to take disciplinary actions such as warnings or bans or restriction of forum rights depending on the severity of any offense.

Even in the absence of any precedent or documented rule and regulation, any required action will be at the discretion of the Management Team.


Unauthorized mass email/PM is not allowed. Offenders will be immediately banned.

Any Member who receives unsolicited emails/PMs should immediately report the incident to the Management Team.

5.Avatars & Signatures

Members are advised not to use oversize images in their avatars or signatures.

In the absence of any precedent or documented rule above, the Management Team reserves the right to decide on any matter and the decisions made thereafter are final.

If unsure of any parts of the Rules & Regulations, kindly contact/PM any moderators for further clarification.

Thank you,
TeamSG Management Team

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Rules & Regulations AirlangRules & Regulations Singaporean+army
Rules & Regulations Airlang
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Rules & Regulations
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