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 Complain about the new UI la, what else

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Complain about the new UI la, what else Empty
PostSubject: Complain about the new UI la, what else   Complain about the new UI la, what else I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 28, 2010 12:09 am

How many of you find the new User Interface difficult to use?

1st thing thats really bugging me is that:

Okay when you shoot someone and the bullet lands on him, usually he makes that *hit* sound right, so even if you are not playing without blood, you know you hit him.

2nd thing thats really bugging me:

Before the new UI upgrade, you can only see your teammates' nametags, without the rank at the top of their heads. Who cares about the rank anyway? It just serves to obstruct people's view of the front which has gotten me sniped in Sector 25 without me noticing for quite a number of times now.

3rd thing thats really annoying:

They increase horizontal recoil on my m416 cqb.

. . .

Some people liken the new UI to Blackshot.
I hate Blackshot.

Now that everyone can upload videos, I bet they won't even care if we upload videos of hackers.
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Complain about the new UI la, what else
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